lil' munchkin (krayzechick) wrote in insomnia0_o,
lil' munchkin

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its 2am...and guess what..I cant get to sleep... actually thats a lie, I havent yet been to bed or attempted to go to sleep! :P over tired now... I wont sleep til 4am again, I know it.. my back hurts &I need to lie down..but that envolves clearing my bed... and id rather sit here and spend all the money I dont have!! ;P

ah well... *spazz attack*

does anyone know the html code thingy for a music note? I know there is one.. like " &h e a r t s; " for ♥ ...hmm..I shall investigate in my HTML books I had for xmas... little bit of light *ahem* reading might send me a little closer to the edge!!

*music note* drinking myself to sleep again, night nurse pills to keep me sane, drinking myself to sleep again INSOMNIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa *music note*
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